I Have These Weird Dents on my Legs.. I Dont Know What to Call Them, How Could I Get Rid of Them? (photo)

Upper thighs, when I cross my legs is when it happens and I really have no idea what its called. If I were to get rid of them.. what would help? Will working out help? Some sort of oil.. I would appreciate natural herbs please, thank you! I need help asap! Im 16.. is it normal?

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The Treatment Of Cellulite

The weird dents that you describe are frequently referred to as cellulite. A variety of treatments are utilized to treat cellulite, but none of these have been uniformly successful. At this time, there's no reliable treatment for cellulite.

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Weird Dents, the Pesky Cellulite

Irregular Contours or "Dent" on the thighs are mostly likely Cellulite.  Cellulites are Pesky at best.  Unfortunately, these are difficult to treat.  Conventional treatments have been a failure.  I recommend laser treatment.  There are 2 laser companies currently available to treat cellulite:  Cellulase Laser by Cynosure and CelluSmooth by Sciton.  Sciton is the newest on the market, but promises to be a great laser.  Sciton as a laser company is solid and delivers.  I do not have the Sciton CelluSmooth, although it is on my wish list.  Look for a Plastic Surgeon with one of these lasers in your area.  Best Wishes!

Victoria Yongsook Suh, MD
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Cellulite type dimple of the upper thigh

This is really a form of cellulite and can be treated with the Cellulaze laser by Cynosure. The results are good but not always fantastic but it is the best out there right now.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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