3 Weeks After Rhinoplasty I Fell of Bike: Can the Results Be Affected?

I had rhinoplasty 6 weeks ago, and 3 weeks after surgery I was on my scooter and fell off onto the ground.I fell off accidently as I crashed into a gate (I hit a stone). I was wearing a helmet of course and never banged/injured my nose, but I fell onto the ground onto my left side after fell off the bike, im worried the trauma or impact will or has moved the nasal bone slightly.

Is 3 weeks enough time for the nasal bones and tissues to become fixed enough that it wont move with any trauma?

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What Trauma Can Affect A Rhinoplasty Result

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The injury you describe can not affect your rhinoplasty.  For the nasal bones to be moved after a rhinoplasty you would need to directly impact the nose.  Even if this had happened on the way home from the operation, your nasal bones wouldn't move if they weren't directly pushed on.  Nasal bones at three weeks would require a very deliberate force to be moved and by 8 weeks it would be almost as hard to move your bones (ie break your nose) as if you had never had a rhinoplasty.

Fell off bike after Rhinoplasty

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Falling off the bike by itself will have no effect on your nose 3 weeks after a Rhinoplasty.  You would have to hit your nose during the fall enough for it to have hurt you IMHO.  Be more careful for a few more weeks just to be sure.

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