3 Weeks After Breast Capsulectomy and Swelling is Getting Worse, Normal?

2 weeks after capsulectomy on left breast I got hit really hard on that breast and it began swelling a lot. A few days after my doctor suspected a seroma and put a cathetor in for a few days. Only 25CC drained out. He removed it yesterday and I am still so very swollen. Is it normal to be so swollen 3 weeks after all this?

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Persistent Swelling Requires Attention

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Follow up with your surgeon for further evaluation of swelling persistent after drain removal.

If the amount of swelling is relatively small, it may be swelling of the tissue, rather than a fluid (serum or blood) accumulation.

However, because persistent fluid around the implant after trauma often leads to capsule contracture, an ultrasound is a good idea to be certain no fluid remains (especially if there might be blood) around the implant.

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Swelling after capsulectomy

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You may have had a hematoma rather than a seroma and when the blood is clotted it can't be drained easily by needles or catheters.  After two weeks, the blood will lyse and will be more fluid and drainable.  You might want to ask your doctor to consider an ultrasound to see if there is undrained fluid or clot in the breast pocket because it should be drained if there is, maybe even operatively.  Leaving fluid around the implant probably increases the risk of another capsular contracture.

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