Will Wearing Contacts Affect the Inner Corners of the Eyes if They've Been Operated On?

When can I wear contacts after upper eyelid surgery? ***The inner corners of my eyes were operated on too (Epicanthoplasty).*** Doctors replied that contacts can be worn after two weeks, but I'm just trying to make sure that it applies to those who have gotten their inner corners done too. Will the contacts: 1. touch the operated part? 2. insertion tear anything? I had it done in a different country, so I can't ask for their advice. Please respond ASAP, and thank you!

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The key is if you can comfortably manipulate the eyes.

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Many contact lens wears can do this a 7-10 days.  However for some it is a bit longer.  If you feel that you can comfortably insert the contact lens then you are there.  If you truly are not sure at this point, please be seen by the ophthalmologist responsible for your contact lens and be assessed.  They will be able to advise you.

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Contact Lens Wear After Eyelid Surgery

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Contact lens wear after two weeks should be fine.  However, it is concerning that you are not able to contact your surgeon (who is familiar with your individual case) to get their input for your concerns.

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