Other Ways to Have Mono Eyelids Without Plastic Surgery? (photo)

I have been trying almsot everything I could to have mono eyelids.I have creased eyes,I dislike the look of my eyes.I really would like to have a CLEAR answer of how to have mono lids.

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Mono Lids

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Disruption of your existing eyelid creases may be surgically successful, but there could be some unexpected results or complications.  Think "thrice" before you proceed.

Going from "double eyelid" to "mono" eyelid is quite difficult

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It is much easier to go from single eyelid [no crease] to double eyelid [crease] than the other way around. An attempt to crease a mono eyelid will likely leave a visible scar and possible trouble with eyelid closure.

Think twice before surgery.

A.J. Amadi, MD
Seattle Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Non surgical lid crease correction

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While in Asia I saw in a spa they did " double eyelid creation" I didn't see it done but I saw dozens of pictures of great results. As described to me The lid is iced and a lady cosmetician passes a silk stitch into the upper eyelid with a needle like you'd use sewing. Directly after the procedure the crease is high but gravitates down. There is no cutting and the stitch is cut off below the skin.

 Another non surgical technique is Clavin labs eyelid tape which sticks the lid up and makes a fold. I have tried this and it works. Also there is an adhesive to stick up the lid available in Hong Kong.

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How to achieve no lid crease (mono eyelid)

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The eyelid fold or crease is due to your anatomy.  The levator muscle that raises your eyelid has attachments to the end of the eyelid and overlying skin in a certain position that causes the fold to occur.  There is also a fat pad in the eyelid held back by a dense tissue that is positioned higher in people with a high eyelid crease (Caucasians) versus those with a lower crease (Asians).  The only way to change this would be with surgery to release these attachments, open up the fat pad and perfectly reposition them.  This is not a commonly performed procedure and may not look symmetric or flattering when finished.  You would be wise to seek out an oculoplastic surgeon with lots of experience with the Asian eyelid for a consultation.  I would likely advise one of my patients against it, unless it was to restore a surgery that took away the Asian appearance they were born with.

Matheson A. Harris, MD
Salt Lake City Oculoplastic Surgeon
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