How can I give my jawline a better angle? (photo)

I am fine with my jaw and chin from the front view. But I am very dissatisfied with my profile. I work out a lot so I do not have much body fat, but because my jawline is so straight, I always look chubby and shapeless from the side. My chin juts out a lot, so I am not sure if a chin implant is the right choice. Is there any way to make my jaw line angle more downwards?

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My face is fine from the front - but the side needs help.

  • Your chin is prominent. A chin reduction will lessen the projection.
  • The square shape is probably from the masseter muscle. Botox injections will reduce the muscle and reveal the jaw line.

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Improving the jawline

Thank you for your question. It's difficult to determine without an examination, but you might be a candidate for Botox jaw reduction. Botox temporarily relaxes the jaw muscle, which then shrinks over time. The alternative, as other plastic surgeons have stated, would be chin or jaw surgery. Only after a comprehensive evaluation can a plastic surgeon help determine appropriate options for you. 

Dr. Chaboki

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Jawline contouring

Hello! Your chin does project quite a bit and a subtle chin shave may help. It is difficult to tell from your photos but consider volumizing your posterior jawline with filler- this will make your jawline more defined and change the apparent angulation. A facial plastic surgeon should be able to morph photos for you to demonstrate how that would change the appearance of the jawline. good luck!

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Jawline/Profile Enhancement

The best way to determine whether you should change your chin or jaw angle is to have some computer imaging done of both types of facial changes. I suspect the best improvement in your jawline profile will actually come from vertical chin lengthening rather than jaw angle accentuation. This will provide a better shape and downward inclination of the jawline. But computer imaging will prove what the best change is either way.

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rk12345, from the side view your chin is slightly strong for a girl.  He may want to consider a chin shave with a pre-jowl implant. this would make your chin look less pointed and strong. See several facial plastic specialists and discuss these issues with them.  Hopefully this helps, good luck!

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Jaw angle.

It is common to alter the contour of the jaw angle and it does affect the facial shape to a desired endpoint. It is a recontouring of the bony angle and focuses on the entire angle from the ear area to the chin slope.  A maxillofacial surgeon is best for this procedure.

Gerald Wittenberg, MSc, DMD
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Neck liposculpting

It is difficult to make an accurate determination from the photos, but it appears that you would get a more sculpted jaw line from judicious neck liposuction.  That one strand of hair is making it difficult in the profile photo to see your mandibular angle, but that is the sense that I get.  An exam would be necessary to determine where your hyoid bone and pharyngeal structures lie (if genetics have left you with both that are far forward, you can only expect modest improvement from the side).  My sense is that you have a little extra adipose under your chin and along the under side of your jaw line that if properly sculpted, would bring out a less horizontal jaw line from the profile.  This is likely the look you are hoping to achieve.  Many people struggle with different areas no matter how much they work out.  Sometimes a little liposuction can overcome this.  I would not get a chin implant.

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