If you only have $10,000 and no teeth, what is best option for replacement?

Already have worn dentures for years so retention is poor to start. I am only 50 years old and first dentures were received in my 40's. It has been a lifelong endevour to smile. Had that for 6 months though back in 1998... Every dentist visit leaves me with a treatment plan way out of my ability to afford it. What can I do with ten thousand dollars so I can at least become employed? No one will hire me looking like this. Thank you.

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Cosmetic dentures

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Its important to have well fitting dentures that support your jaws and give proper muscle and facial support. As you know when you loose teeth, the supporting muscles of the face loose their tone and there appears esthetic compromises. A well fitting denture that is pre designed with these issues in mind can eliminate these factors and add facial support where once lost. With the use of implants, we can retain dentures to fit relatively stable and allow for proper form and function. Adding implants to dentures can greatly increase the retention and stability of dentures. We routinely see patients like you in our office; I am sure a treatment plan can be made with your budget in mind to help you as much as possible.
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Best option for teeth replacment

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One of the most feasible solutions today are the implant. The bad news is that treatment generally not cost $ 10,000 Us, the good news is that possibly it is a long-term treatment due to bone loss, which gives long term payment facility. One of the best options for the price is performing the treatment in another country where you can find better prices, probably $10,000 can be enought for the first and 2nd visit. Good luck!


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Although you can have an implant supportive over denture with just two implants and a removal prosthesis, I feel that due to how young you are that it would be wise to consider either financing or saving up for the All-on-4 procedure. The two implant over denture idea will give you retention but not as much stability. The All-on-4 will give you both retention and stability.

Fountain of Youth Denture

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With $10,000, you should be able to find a solution which may or may not involve implants.  In my opinion, you have to be selective on the office that you choose...not all dentures are created equal and not all dentists do dentures well.  A well fitting denture will limit the instability that you have, support your face, lips and muscles as well as be able to function.  I have no idea how much bone loss you have, but if it is significant, you may be able to have some mini implants placed on the lower arch to help with retention.  These are not ideal, but may work well in your case given the need for both new dentures and possibly some added retention. 

Search for Fountain of Youth dentures and you will find dentists that are experienced in creating fantastic dentures that maximize retention and facial esthetics.

Christopher Hill, DMD
Saint Louis Dentist

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