Dental implants, specifically the G4 implant solution. Do the holes that the implants screw in show?

To Dr Golpa and the G4 implant solution. Do the holes that the implants screw in show through the implant bridge when a patient opens their mouth, or is there some paste or pink colored cement solution that covers those holes so it gives a more natural appearance when open mouthed?

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All On Four, G4 Dental implant solutions screw hole access

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IF properly planned, surgery properly doen and the paitents anatomy allows then the screw hole access usually are behind the teeth and are not seen.  Im the rare instance that a screw access needs to be placed in an area that is visible then the access holes are sealed with material that is identical to the surrounding area so that it is not visible.  

Phoenix Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

All-on 4 teeth

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Most all on 4 teeth are a metal framework with a denture setup on top of it. Because of the screw hole access design, it will have metal & plastic 360 around it. This creates a wide prosthesis on the palate, so don't be fooled by bright white teeth. What counts is what's on the inside, as you mentioned.  Most of my work has no screw holes, includes 5-8 implants & any material of choice. Plastic, porcelain or zirconium.  I have several example pictures. Ask to see pictures, especially the inside of teeth.

Victor Sanz, DDS
Chicago Dentist

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