Braces or smile design? (Photos)

I'm 24 years old I've been scammed 3 times with braces I have no Interest in getting them again. I was thinking in getting veneers to fix my teeth. However I wanted to know if it's possible to extract a few of those teeth get some implants and then veneers. I've seen that before but I need a second opinion. My dentist told me I had to choose between braces or a smile design, and I don't know what to choose. Braces are my very last option.

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best option is braces treatment. no to veneers, u have a good amount of mal-occlusion and too much tooth reduction is required in such cases.

by seeing i feel u r an extraction case [ 4teeth extraction required].

Braces is more conservative than veneers

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Your situation appears to be fairly simple from an orthodontic (braces) approach and VERY aggressive restoratively.  The risks include pain, infection, root canals, and more, and if bone is not in the right position, implants will give a look similar to what you have, assuming they will WORK (sometimes implants don't work).

If you were MY daughter, I would be encouraging braces (to the point of refusing other options).  Perhaps your previous attempts were simply choosing the wrong provider, and a new orthodontist would have more success.

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