Veneers on VERY Small, Pointy Teeth? (photo)

So I truly hate how my teeth look due to the fact that two of my teeth on the top are so small and pointy. Also, according to my dentist, I'm missing the pair of teeth on the top row that are apparently in my gums. Therefore, it looks like there is gap where my very small canines are. I hate looking at them and smiling at people and want to know the best way to go about fixing this?

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Small Pointed Teeth

In the photos your pointed teeth look what is called "peg-laterals" If they are adult teeth then yes could be a candidate for porcelain veneers. You may want to consider a trial with composite bonding to evaluate what the teeth will look like when they are built out to proper proportion. If they appear to big now because of the spacing then you will have to consider braces/Invisalign to close the spaces or doing more than just the 2 veneers.

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Good Candidate for Veneers?

The first step to determining if you are a good candidate for veneers would be to visit a cosmetic dentist for an exam and X-rays. While veneers are a great way of closing gaps and may be beneficial, you might need braces or Invisalign first to move teeth into the correct position.

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Solution to Small Pointy Teeth

You laterals are peg shaped and Porcelain Veneersa or Lumineers maybe you

simplest long term fit. They would really compliment your Smile. 2 straight forward appointments with a dentist who does this work on a regular basis.

You should look for a cosmetic dentist and get a smile consultation.

Veneers on small teeth?

The veneer can work well the real question is.... is their enough width so when the veneer is placed it will appear to be the correct size and shape we can tell this by an exam or diagnostic wax up which is what I suggest before you go forward to make sure your going to be pleased with the out come. Good Luck



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Solutions for small pointy teeth.

I would need x-rays to see what's underneath and to see if the pointy teeth next to the centrals are baby teeth or permanent  peg-laterals. Also need your age.

Assuming they are peg laterals, the best treatment would be either braces or invisaling to move the teeth in the most ideal possition. This would leave the correct spacing to then build up the pegs with either bondings or veneers to look like normal laterals. If you are very young (less than 25 yrs old), I would recommend bondings. Once you are done growing, you may change them out for veneers.

If those teeth are baby teeth then it could get more complicated. I would need to examine you.

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BEST treatment may be complicated

It is hard to give advice via the web and with the attached photos, but a LIKELY good treatment plan will take time.  It would be best to do braces and move the teeth to the ideal positions.  It APPEARS that your canines are where the laterals should be, and the lateral are still high up in the bone.  If you can move the canines where they SHOULD be, creating room for the laterals, you can move the laterals down.  This likely will require the team effort of an orthodontist and oral surgeon, and a fair amount of time.  Once complete, you MAY be all done, but may need some enamel contouring, bonding or porcelain veneers to get your version of "perfect".

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Very Small Pointy Teeth

I would have to see your X-rays to determine if these are "baby teeth" or "peg-lateral" permanent teeth. Also would want to know how the impacted teeth are positioned. There are a few alternate treatments available, depending on your situation.

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