My New 6 Upper Porcelain Veneers Are Lower on One Side. Can They Be Filed Down to Match? (photo)

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Adjusting Veeners

Your veneers can be adjusted slightly so that they are more even. You don't want to adjust them too much as this can weaken the porcelain and cause chipping in the future.

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Fine Tuning Veneers

Veneers once delivered, sould have a fine tuning appointment to shape, contour and adjust the bite as needed. Veneers as any dental proceedure is a dynamic process and highly customized to that patient. I'm sure it can be fine tuned. 

Veneers Lower on 1 Side

The short answer is YES, they can be filed down to match the other side. However, the amount could be limited by your occlusion. You do not want to compromise the anterior guidance of how your lower jaw moves in relation to your upper. You do not want to compromise that for the long-term health and stability of your teeth.

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Veneers are lower on one side

Many of us do not have a balanced or perfect smile and if our smile is off, often the teeth look a little off. If you feel your veneers are lower on one side. you can have them contoured and adjusted so they will look more even.  You want to be happy with your new veneers, Jerian, so have them contoured and when you smile you will like what your see!  Your veeners are beautiful!

Can veneers be shortened

Most people ask for perfection and like the right and left side to match exactly, , but no one's face/ teeth, anatomy is 100% symmetric. Having that in mind, the answer is yes, by minimal adjustments, the right side can be somewhat equalized to the left.

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Veneers are lower on one side?

Yes they can be adjusted I suggest you look at your smile the teeth together and teeth apart good luck

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Minor contouring

Often porcelain veneers are not QUITE perfect and some minor shaping or contouring is needed.  Discuss with your dentist your concerns and goals and you may be able to improve them.

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My New 6 Upper Porcelain Veneers Are Lower on One Side. Can They Be Filed Down to Match? (photo)

The final look of your veneers is really in the eye of the beholder. What I mean is that in the end you want to wind up with porcelain veneers that you really love!

Your veneers ought to line up with two key places: the alignment of your eyes, and the outline of your lower lip.

It's hard to tell in your photo how they align to either of these.

To answer your question, YES, some slight modification or filing can be done after your veneers are cemented, but I do it very cautiously, as once it is off, it cannot be added back.

Also remember, your face is not absolutely symmetrical, neither are your lips. While your veneers ought to blend in and look natural, they may not look identical when you compare the left and right sides.

Take a few photos from different angles, ask a friend who's opinion you value, and then make a very short list. Ask to speak with your cosmetic dentist for a follow up, and get his input too.


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