Are Veneers a Good Option for Big Teeth? (photo)

i am planning to get veneers for my anterior six teeth compared to the lower teeth, the upper ones are much bigger......will veneering help my case?....will my teeth look even bigger with veneers? i m really worried.

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Veneers for Big Teeth

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Porcelain veneers do have a tendency to make teeth appear slightly larger. In your situation I would recommend orthodontic treatment either with either braces or Invisalign to align your teeth first. You have several teeth that are out of alignment. Preparing these teeth for veneers without orthodontic treatment would require the removal of a lot of healthy tooth structure. 

Miami Dentist

Are Veneers a Good Option for Big Teeth?

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Based on the photo, it appears that an ortho consult would be most ideal before proceeding with any cosmetic dentistry.  You have a very narrow arch and your upper teeth appear overcrowded.  If you opted to not do ortho first to get the teeth into position, then you will need to do either porcelain 3/4 laminates or crowns on at least the upper 8 or 10 teeth to get more ideal proportions.  A small amount of tooth structure could be taken off the bottom of the teeth but too much removed could result in your bite being affected.  Have a consultation with an orthodontist as well as a good cosmetic dentist that specializes in occlusion and instant orthodontics.  Good luck!

Charles Nottingham, DDS, FAGD
Fort Lauderdale Dentist

Will Veneers Work for big Teeth or Misaligned Teeth

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Yes veneers can change the size, shape, color and position somewhat of teeth.  The other option at your photo would be orthodontics to better position the teeth.  Some cosmetic treatment might still be needed to give you the smile you desire, but it would be less invasive due to better tooth position to work with.

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Are veneers a good option for big teeth?

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They can be in most cases your teeth are not to big you just have to much crowding upper arch maybe to small, I suggest orthodontic to be considered and If you proceed with veneers have your dentist do a diagnostic wax up first so you can see before treatment if you will be happy good luck



Kevin Coughlin DMD, MBA, MAGD     CEO Baystate Dental PC

Kevin Coughlin, DMD
Springfield Dentist

Veneers For Big Teeth

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Careful planning by your dentist should keep your veneers from looking to large.

One way to determine what the final result could look like is to have models of your teeth reshaped before you even decide to proceed with any treatment.

John Marque, DDS
Columbus Dentist

Are Veneers a Good Option for Big Teeth?

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Veneers are a great option for correcting colour, shape, size, and position of teeth - big or small. Orthodontics is a great option for correcting position of the teeth. A combination of both treatments may also be an option for you, but it is hard to tell from the photo provided. 

One of the issues that can come up with treating only 6 teeth is that the untreated teeth will not match those new Veneers. The effect of this is that the 6 new veneers will possibly look bigger, whiter not naturally part of your smile. 

If you are serious about getting the best aesthetic result possible with Veneers you will want to consider including all the teeth you show when you smile. Especially if you are trying to make changes with Colour and size.

You can, in many cases, reshape your teeth so they don't look so "big" with Veneers but again you have to take into account your whole smile, not just the "Social Six"  - the ones YOU see in the mirror. In most social situations people are looking or talking to you from a slight angle and they WILL see your side teeth. And we humans are very good at picking up on discrepancies in colours and shapes. If you want the best result possible, don't forget these teeth.

Paul Newitt, BSc, DMD
Vancouver Dentist

Veneers as a treatment option for big teeth

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Close up photos would be helpful here but based on this one photo, I would suggest considering straightening your teeth first either with short-term braces or perhaps invisalign before considering veneers.  This will minimize the amount of enamel that will need to be removed from your teeth for the veneers.  Also be sure to ask for a wax model of the veneers before your teeth are touched which will show you what the veneers will look like and also helps the dentist know how much enamel needs to be removed. I also agree that if you do decide to have veneers done, to consider 8 to 10 instead of just 6.  Good luck!

Michael Firouzian, DDS
Columbus Dentist

Veneers for Big Upper Teeth

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You should have a consultation with a GOOD Cosmetic Dentist!. It's rare that I do 6 Veneers. This will only make those 6 teeth appear even bigger compared to the rest, especially if you make them a nice white shade. Usually, either 8 or 10 Veneers would look MUCH better esthetically. Why don't you ask this question again, AND submit some good close-up photos of your great big smile.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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