Will Veneers Help my Receding Gums?

I was an avid brusher, but have switched to a softer brush. Unfortunately, I have gaps between my teeth and food particles get in between my teeth. I am afraid I will start getting more plaque build up and consequently, cavaties. Will veneers help?

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Receding gums and veeers

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The more important question is WHY is the recession occurring? Many assume it is from over brushing, but often it is a tooth grinding problem or bone loss from periodontal disease. These issues should be addressed prior to veneers. Then the veneers can be shaped to minimize the esthetic issues that the recession has caused.

Memphis Dentist

Veneers can close spaces

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Sometimes due to recession a "black triangle" can appear.  Porcelain veneers can fill in these spaces, but they will not stop gums from continuing to recede or replace gum tissue.  A simple grafting procedure may be needed.

Veneers can help receding gums..

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If your roots are exposed then they need to be covered up or they will wear away more. Veneers can cover the enamel and the root structures with no problem. You should look into gum grafting to see if just covering the gums will make you happy with look of it..If you tooth are not attractive then you may want to do both..Grafting first then veneers. If you like your teeth,,then the dark spaces between your teeth can also be closed with grafting and Invisalign to follow. We can sand between the teeth a little allowing them to move closer together thus closing the gaps..So you have  a few options to choose from there...Dr Thomas

Michael J. Thomas, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist

Receeding gums and veneers

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Unfortunately veneers can not help the receeding gum and if you do not solve the issue prior to doing your veneers you'll have elongated teeth that can be very unesthetic. You should definitely see a periodontist and discuss gum graft prior to veneer placement. There are new techniques available now for very natural and esthetic grafts that can mimic the color of your existing gum. If veneers are already placed, the graft can't take. Grafts work only on virgin teeth.

Kate Sahafi, DDS
Orange County Dentist

Porcelain veneers

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With porcelain veneers can close those gaps, and they will make the spaces in-between to look more natural, so food would not get trapped, this can be done within 2 appointments, and you will be able to have a big difference, about your gums, need to be checked clinically, because they need to be healthy

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