Bite Doesn't Feel Right with Temporary Veneers - Will I Have Same Problem with Permanents?

I've had 3 teeth prepped for Veneers- 2 baby teeth and a front incisor (which had a large composite on anyway due to root canal treatment. With the temporaries, my bite doesn't feel right. The one on my left hand-side keeps moving (it cracked and fell out-I've just slotted it in .The one on my right handside is bulky from the back so I can't chew as well as I used to. I'm now really worried that the permenant veneers will cause the same problems-falling out and making my bite uncomfortable.

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Issues with your temporary veneers?

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Your temporary veneers feel incorrect on the bite - your dentist should be able to adjust that in a few minutes and any loose veneers can be recemented and repaired. Issue with Temporaries are not uncommon and should be viewed as more information to modify the permanent set for more longevity. Permanent veneers that come off or break are rare but do occasionally occur. 

Memphis Dentist

Most likely not

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Most likely you'll be fine. Make sure the dentist adjusts everything very well before you leave the office at the delivery visit.


George Koutsoukos, DDS
Valencia Dentist

Temporary Crowns/Veneers

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Temporary crowns/veneers are meant to last for only a short time due to the temporary cement used and weaker material that it is made of.  However, the dentist should check and adjust your bite to achieve your correct bite.  If your bite feels 'high' as if there's a rock between your teeth, or if your upper and lower back teeth are not contacting correctly on both sides, you should call your dentist and go back immediately to have the temporary adjusted.  Otherwise, the tooth may become painful.  Temporary crowns play very important roles in maintaining the integrity of your teeth while the lab fabricates the actual crown/veneer.  Therefore, you should also go back to see your dentist if the temporary breaks or falls off before your next scheduled appointment.  Keep in mind that the actual veneer will have more esthetic results than the temporary in terms of shade, shape, and size, and it will be cemented with permanent cement.  As with the temporary, the dentist will check and adjust the bite of the veneer so it feels right and comfortable.  Thank you, Dr. Elizabeth Jahanian.

Elizabeth Jahanian, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist

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Temporary veneers bother you?

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If they do then you need to go back to your dentist and have your bite adjusted. It quick and painless. The permanant veneers will be thinner and nicer than the plastic or comp temps..Dr Thomas

Michael J. Thomas, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist

Temporaries are not as nice as final porcelain restorations

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Temporaries are designed to come off, but the finals should not. You should be fine in the end.... Bonding to baby teeth is not as strong as to permanent teeth.

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