What is the Minimum Age to Get Porcelain Veneers?

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How young is too young for veneers?

For health of young teeth, avoid traditional veneers on teenagers and go for Prepless Veneers. If veneers are placed when a young patient is still growing, there are chances they will need to be replaced for maximum esthetics after a growth spurt. Theoretically, someone could get veneers at 14, replace them at 18 and again at 22.  To minimize such cost, a safe bet is 18 years of age for females and 20 for males. 

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Each patient is different but generally 16 for girls, 18 for boys

There is no set minimum age for veneers.  Each patient needs to be evaluated individually with regard to the condition of their teeth, how straight or crooked their teeth are, and whether the teeth have fully developed, to name a few.  But as a general rule, I would suggest 16 for girls and 18 for boys.

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There is no minimum age for porcelain veneers

However, there are increased risks for younger patients.  If crooked teeth are being corrected, then removal of tooth structure will be required.  If the preps need to be aggressive, there is an increased risk that nerves will get exposed, requiring root canal therapy.  Also, as we age, our bone and gums develop.  If the edge of the porcelain becomes exposed, then they may be less appealing and replacement would be needed.

The list of issues could go on, so the rule of thumb I use is 16 would be the youngest if teeth need to be prepped, and all young patients should know that the case likely will need to be redone once or twice in their lifetime.

With adequate informed consent, timing of treatment is a personal choice.

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14 can be a good age for veneers...

Usually in girls they have matured by the age of 14 and their upper jaw has fully developed. In males it could be a different story. They have jaw growth thru the age of 18 and up. Now days kids have a lot of peer pressure to look good and some girls are getting breast augmentation at 14,16 etc so the times they are a changing. If the 14 year old feels self conscious about their looks then veneers could be a good answer. Maybe invisalign would be a good alternative...?

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