Can Veneers Change a Persons Face Shape?

After getting two veneers for upper front teeth I notice change the the shape of my jaw. It looks thinner and more sunken. Is it possible that two veneers can cause this or is it weight loss because these veneers have me in a lot of stress and worry.

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Veneers and Changing the Shape of your Jaw

The only way that two veneers could change the shape of your jaw is if you had a really bad bite and when the veneers were prepped the bite changed.  This would be highly unlikely.

On another thought, are your veneers too thick?  Have they changed your lips? Are they thinner than your teeth you had before?  This might make the lip sink in?

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Porcelain Veneers Will Not Change Jaw Shape

It is not possible that the change in your jaw shape was caused by the two porcelain veneers that you had placed.  If you are not happy with the aesthetics of your new veneers I would speak with your dentist and tell him/her of your concerns. Perhaps some slight recontouring of the veneers could be done to give the veneers a different shape.  I am sure that if you keep open communication with your dentist that a plausible solution could be reached to help alleviate your stress.  Good luck.  

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2 veneers can not change the shape of your jaw

Veneers can only change your smile not your face or your jaws.  I doubt two veneers would even change your lip all that much.  You should be happy with your smile not stressed and upset. If you are unhappy with them go back to the dentist and discuss your concerns with him or her.  If it was me I would want to make you happy.  Good luck

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Can Veneers change the shape of your face?

No....not your jaw.  Veneers can change your smile. They can also decrease some of the lines around your mouth and seem to create fuller lips but it will not change the contour of your jaw. You only had two veneers placed and I am sorry they have caused you stress and worry. They should have made you happier with your smile. If you are uncomfortable with them or unhappy with them in anyway, please go back and discuss this with your dentist. I am assured he wants you to be happy with his work and the outcome of your veneers and you do not seem to be. Weight loss can change your face but it has to be enough. Please see your dentist and talk with him about how you feel.

2 Veneers can NOT change the shape of your jaw

While your appearance probably changed dramatically from the placement of the veneers, the 2 veneers very unlikely changed the actual shape of your jaw-bone. You would know if you lost a dramatic amount of weight. That would make your jawbone appear thinner.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
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Two veneers can change the shape of your face

Although not very drastic, veneers can change the shape of your face.  If your new teeth are thicker than your original teeth, they may be bulkier in the front and make your upper lip/skin push out a little further than it previously did.  This may give your face a slimmer look as it may pull a little more forward and appear slimmer/sunken.

This should be a very minimal change, unless your new teeth are dramatically different in size and shape.

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Veneers' effect on a person's face shape

So you are noticing your face is changing, and the only thing you can associate with it is that you have new veneers?  Could there be any other factors?  Have you lost weight recently?

Most patients will see little to no change in their face shape, especially where the cheeks are.  The front teeth can slightly affect the protrusion of the lips, but this would be the only possible change in facial appearance. 

Take care and enjoy your beautiful new teeth!

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