Can Emax Veneers Be Returned to the Lab to Have Product Added to Them Without Losing Quality?

I have veneers on 8 and 9 (due to childhood accident). I needed them redone because I have very tiny black triangles on the distals due to papilla trauma.Teeth were slice prepped. I have been 5x to seat appts. None were right. The veneers are Emax. He ground on the last set for 2 hours then told me the ground veneers would go back to the lab to be added to, re-glazed and baked. Is that normal? Should a new set be made for longevity and quality? Can veneers be adjusted that much chairside?

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Porcelain veneers can be adjusted in the lab

There really should be no problem having the lab correct the adjustments for a final polish and glaze. The heat processing can also "heal" some microfractures that may now be present.

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Porcelain veneers adjustment and enhancement

I am sorry to hear that you have had 5 seat visits and none were right.  There should be little or no adjustment needed  when the veneers come back from the lab.  That being said, for some reason your dentist and/or lab seems to have a challenge.  Emax is the strongest aesthetic ceramic restoration that can be made for you, and when the lab places the veneers back into the oven to add the needed porcelain, they should be as good as new.  If not, the lab will certainly remake them from scratch.

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Veneers can be sent back to lab

Veneers can be sent back to lab for adjustements, reglazing and etc.. There is no problem with doingso and it is a routine acceptable remedy. You are better off with this approach to get a more aesthetic , and stronger porcelain.  

Soheyla Marzvaan, DDS
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Re-glazing Veneers

There should not be any problem with the adjustments or the re-glazing process weaking the veneer.  Just make sure you are happy with the veneers before they are bonded onto your teeth.

E-max can be adjusted

E-max veneers are usually cut back by the lab and other porcelain is added to the surface for color and esthetics. It should not be a problem having them re-glazed in the lab.

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It's not normal but not abnormal either

  • 5x times seems excessive for what you're describing.  
  • If the glaze is removed because your dentist contoured them then they NEED to be re-glazed.  
  • The only caveat to them not "having to be" re-glazed is when you're shortening the veneers slightly.  They can just be polished with diamond paste


Hope this helps!

Porcelain Veneers and changes

I totally agree with Dr. Timmerman. This is the beauty of Emax as changes can be made.

Additionally, please make sure you are happy with the size and shape of the veneers before they are seated.  It is a good thing that your dentist did this as opposed to trying to bond them as they were.



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