Unhappy With Veneers As They've Caused Infection. Options?

I have very bad Sjorgrens Syndrome,which left my teeth brown and revolting. My dentist suggested veneers, which I agree to, however , ever since they have developed bacteria and infection due to my lack of saliva. I am so fed up, I wish I never had them done. i don't think with such seve S.S. my dentist should have done this work, and they have fallen off to reveal pitted, infected, teeth. Above the veneer you can also see black infection. Any advice please? 

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Unhappy with veneers with Sjogrens syndrome

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We see a lot of patients who suffer with xerostomia due to multiple reasons- meds, cancer treatment, Sjogrens, etc. These patients require special care and extremely careful treatment planning, especially of extensive cases that require multiple restorations. Porcelain veneers should be ideally done in the way that they will look absolutely natural without any bulky margins around the gum. You have absolutely real reasons to be upset. But at this point you need to see the specialist who is experienced in work with such patients.

Unhappy With Veneers As They've Caused Infection. Options?

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It requires a lot of planning and conversation so that you wind up happy with your veneers (rather our goal is that you are ecstatic with your new veneers!).

With an extremely dry mouth there are additional challenges that need to be managed. In your situation I suspect there could be two different issues in play.

With an extremely dry mouth, immense care must be taken by you the patient, and by the dental practice to minimize the deterioration of your teeth. A very strong prevention program including prescription strength Fluorides for both home and office use are part of it. Often some sort of saliva substitutes or enhancers are necessary. Managing your dry mouth is job one.

When teeth are damaged they need to be repaired. porcelain veneers are one way to fix cavities and restore teeth. You may have not been able to avoid some substantial repair to your teeth. If it were not done with veneers, it may have been necessary to restore them with dental crowns instead.

I suspect that one of two scenarios is causing your problems.

One, the original process that caused damage to your original teeth (Sjorgrens, dry mouth) is not controlled.

Two, the veneers may not have been bonded well.

Have an open discussion with your dentist about your frustrations. But also be prepared to hear some things that you may need to take responsibility for as well.

If you are not comfortable yet with what to do next, then you may want to get an additional opinion from a cosmetic dentist.


Unhappy with porcelain veneers means replace them or place crowns

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Without a photo, it is hard to say what has happened.  It is not likely they caused any infection, but may have contributed to issues.  If they keep coming off (which is not normal, they should stay put) it may be an issue of material selection or bonding protocol, and doing full crowns instead may help.  A line along the edge may indicate leakage of blood or saliva during the bonding process, which is not an infection, just a stain.

It is likely cheaper to simply have the current dentist redo the work, or else seek help elsewhere from an experienced cosmetic dentist.

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What if I'm Unhappy with Veneers

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Without a photo, and an exam, it's difficult to diagnose your problem. Were you happy with the veneers as soon as they went in? Did you approve them first?

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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