Veneer Color Changed to Blue? (photo)

Hi. I put on new veneers last month, but one of the incisors changed color on top to blue (see the picture). Any idea what causes that? Can it be fixed? Thanks in advance

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Veneer changed color.

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If this was what it looked like when they where placed then you will need a new veneer.

What I'm hearing you say is that it was the correct color at the seat (1 month ago) and changed recently.  Based on that I can offer multiple assumptions.  Contamination at the seating appointment could cause this.  The seal at the margin becomes weak and we end up with leakage. Blood and other contaminants could leak up under the veneer and cause discoloration.  However for this much discoloration to occur from that after just a month would be very unlikely.  At the margin (edge of the gum) maybe, but not the whole tooth.  The body and the gingival margin are discolored.  In other words,  the whole prep would have had to be contaminated.  I don't know any clinician who could have missed that.

A more realistic assumption is that the tooth has died.  The neurovascular tissue inside the pulp chamber has necrosed.  When the blood in this tissue breaks down the heme (pigment) can leach into the dentinal tubules and stain the internal tooth structure.  So the whole prep (underlying tooth structure) is now a different color than what it was to start with.  This color is bleeding into the porcelain in effect changing the whole color of the tooth.

When you see discoloration (blue, purple at the gum line because the veneers is thinnest here and there is dentin directly below) that extends throughout the tooth it typically is not a marginal leakage issue.

The only way to tell is to have the tooth evaluated and pulp tested for vitality.  If it test non vital then you will need a root canal.  This is easily done through the back of the tooth without damaging the veneer.  Internal bleaching may correct the discoloration.  If it does you will be able to keep the veneer. 

Whatever you do, do not take the veneer off before it is pulp tested.  If you take the veneer off and the tooth is dead then you just bought a new veneer on top of a root canal.

Good luck,

John Schmid, DDS LVIF

Leaking Porcelain Veneer Margin

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One of two things is happening with this veneer.

1.  Your gums were slightly bleeding during the bonding process and a small amount got under your veneer at this time.  

2.  The margin of the veneer is not flush with the tooth and liquids are getting under your veneer.  

Either way you need to have it removed and it can be replaced very easily.  

Blue Veneer

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The color of the veneer can change for a number of reasons. Contamination from blood, saliva, oil can cause a color change. Also, certain types of dental cements can cause the veneer to discolor. This is fixed by removing the veneer and having a new one made.

Sylvan Fain, DDS
Miami Dentist

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Veneer turning blue?

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It maybe a transparent porcelain or the veneer is so thin its not blocking out the tooth underneath, yes it can be corrected but in most cases it will need to be removed and redone good luck



Kevin Coughlin DMD, MBA, MAGD     CEO Baystate Dental PC

Kevin Coughlin, DMD
Springfield Dentist

Possible Contamination or Dark Root Structure

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If there was possible contamination from blood, saliva, or oil from the dentist's hand piece, the bond will be incomplete, the cement will leach out and you will have leakage under the veneer. This results in discoloration.  Also, prior to bonding the veneer, the prepped tooth needs to be cleaned and disinfected to remove any debris or contaminate. Sometimes, it the root structure is dark, the veneer will look a bluish color shows because the veneer is more translucent at the gum line. If you are not happy with the outcome go back and have it redone should be happy with the color of the veneers and there always is a way to change them! 

George Koutsoukos, DDS
Valencia Dentist

Blue Veneer

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The cause of the change in color of your veneer could be due to a leaking margin or there is a possibility blood got between the cement and veneer.  

Svetlana Novak, DMD
Natick Dentist

Veneer turned blue

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From the picture there is  a good chance that the margin of the veneer is not fitting perfectly so that it is leaking and staining under the Veneer or if the tooth was dark prior to the veneer it could be it is showing through the porcelain

Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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Veneer Color Changed to Blue

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There's a good chance that the margin of the Veneer is not fitting perfectly so that it is leaking and staining under the Veneer.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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