Treatment for Bulging Vein on my Ankle Bone?

I have a bulging vein on my ankle bone. What is the best vein reatment to get rid of it?

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May be normal.

At the level just above the ankle bone on the inside of your leg is the origin of the long vein that runs from the ankle to the groin.  This is called the greater saphenous vein.  At the ankle level this vein is normally easily seen when standing and diminishes when lying. This vein contains many valves and can lead to varicose veins if the valves malfunction.  If you do not have any other prominent varicose veins and your only concern is the visible vein at the ankle, this is probably normal.  If you actually have varicose veins, then you should have a venous evaluation by a vein specialist.

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Varicose vein near ankle

The specific vein you are talking about just above the inside ankle bone is the great saphenous vein which may be quite prominent in some individuals and normal in most. Take a look at the ankles of most young people, they all have this vein just over the medial (inside) ankle bone. Yours may be very prominent.

Endovenous procedures are not performed for this particular problem unless venous reflux extends all the way down here from the groin, called saphenofemoral venous reflux disease. If it involes the outside of the ankle, that is the short saphenous system in which ablation can be helpful. In most cases, if I understand your description, this requires a 20 minute office microphlebectomy procedure. Consult a phlebologist (vein specialist) or vascular surgeon who has an interest in phlebology.

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Bulging vein on ankle bone

Large vessels of the ankle area tends to be somewhat complex, with an increased risk of ulceration with sclerotherapy.  I would consider consulting with a vascular surgeon familiar with all of the methods for treating varicose veins including endovenous laser techniques.

Good luck.

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