Can the Vampire Facelift Really Get Rid of Wrinkles?

on npr they said that you can now get rid of face wrinkles by a procedure called a vampire facelift. a doctor injects your own blood back in your face. seems kinda strange! ABC calls the product mixed with blood Selphyl

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Vampire facelift

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The procedure is typically complemented with filler, which helps with wrinkles.  With a vampire facelift, we use PRP, or platelet rich plasma. We take some of your blood and spin it down into a centrifuge. We then get the plasma, which has the platelets in it. We remove and discard the red blood cells, and are left with a yellow serum that has all the growth factors. The serum has all the great factors of blood, plus the platelets, which stimulate everything to grow inside, such as the collagen, or angiogenesis. This makes new blood vessels and is great for your skin. You can then inject the PRP into the face, just underneath the skin. Over time, you can get around 10-15% more volume in your face, which can last a few years. It takes about 8 weeks to see. The procedure also gives you a better glow. It helps with your pores and your blemishes, and it gives you overall healthier looking skin.


While your cheeks are full from the PRP injection (cheeks will be full for four or five hours), we also take filler, and will put that in the cheeks and lower eyes. The filler is injected through the same little cannula (hole). The filler will remain for six or seven months. Overall, everything is performed in one procedure that typically only lasts an hour. Adding the filler help with wrinkles that are present, and when combined with the PRP treatment, can really help improve your appearance and give you a younger and more rejuvenated look. Please feel free to ask any specific questions about the procedure, I would be happy to answer them for you!

Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Vampire Lift

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It works by temporarily plumping up lines, much like its older cousins Juvederm and Restylane. But unlike the competition, Selphyl uses the patient's own blood to do the plumping.You see an immediate difference with a slight decrease intially in the next four days or so, then over three to four weeks you see the full plumping results; as the body's platelets and growth factors stimulate the production of collagen and improve the volume and texture of the skin.So the benefits are that its more cost effective for the volume that you are injecting into the face, it lasts longer than most fillers, it improves the quality and texture of the skin, and Selphyl is natural (not synthetic or derived from animals).

Sofia Rubbani, MD
Tucson Ophthalmologist

“Vampire Face Lift” : Is it a “Sucker Lift”?

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Calling this procedure a facelift is false and deceptive marketing.  It involves using as an injected filler, a product derived from your own blood, platelet rich plasma (PRP), mixed with chemicals to produce a material that is injected into the wrinkles. It is categorically not a face lift. It is a marketing gimmick and the claims of what it achieves are not proven in a valid scientific

manner.  The procedure is not FDA approved. While some patients may get a slight smoothing of the skin from a transient swelling,  it has not been shown to be more effective than the temporary benefit achieved with FDA approved fillers like Perlane, Restylane or Juvederm nor does it produce the permanent results that can be achieved with micro fat injections. It certainly does not compare to the longstanding results of a well performed, natural appearing face lift that can be achieved by a board certified plastic surgeon. At this time, the hype and spin are far greater than the reality.

Robert Singer, MD  FACS

LaJolla, California


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Vampire Facelift is a very natural way of improving your wrinkles

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Benefits of the Vampire Facelift®
  • Smoother, brighter face
  • Injected only with natural resources - no artificial materials
  • Less expensive than similar types of skin tightening procedures
  • Body easily accommodates the filler because it is made from your own blood
  • Helps your tissue regenerate collagen
  • Improves skin texture and tone
  • Restores facial shape
  • No surgery or downtime
  • Non-invasive facelift
  • Rejuvenates scars
The Vampire Facelift® offers a way to restore shape and volume, improve tone and texture, rejuvenate collagen growth and give you a more youthful, attractive look.

The Vampire Facelift® Heals Wrinkles and Restores Volumes

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Thank you for your question. There is considerable confusion about “The Vampire Facelift®”. Having been trained by Dr. Charles Runels (inventor of the Vampire Facelift® ) and performing the The Vampire Facelift® in New York on my patients, I can share with you my experience. The Vampire Facelift® is a “designer procedure” developed as a way to enhance volume in the face using a combination of hyaluronic acid (such as Restylane) and platelet rich fibrin matrix (PRFM) which is a thicker form of PRP (platelet rich plasma). Selphyl and RegenLabs are systems to create this and platelet rich fibrin matrix (PRFM). The principle of restoring volume with this approach is based on the way these parts of the blood help you heal after a cut. The Vampire Facelift® procedure is a way to “heal wrinkles” and restore volume by initiating the body’s healing response and generate collagen to fill the areas where volume is needed.

Vampire Facelift.

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That's great.. Not sure if this works but the concept is probably related to filling the face with blood products that will serve as fillers to plump out wrinkles. Also there are companies that are using stem cells to reverse aging characteristics.
I don't think any of these methods have been tested clinically to any benefits.

The "One is born Every Minute" Facelift - The Vampire Facelift

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I must be the only one in the country who cannot understand the attraction to and preoccupation with Vampires.  The whole Twilight phenomenon remains a mystery to me. But why let a perfectly good craze go to waste when there's a lot of money to be made.

For years surgeons have been using  mixture of blood components fibrin and platelets to fill crevices, protect joined blood vessels and supposedly enhance healing. The Selphyl company produces a simple kit which helps create this platelet rich / fibrin sludge which can then be used as a filler. As such, this re-injected blood component soup is not really a Facelift but more of a "Liquid Facelift" concept which attempts to restore lost volume to the face.

Does it really work in the long term?
Is it better than fat or other accepted fillers?
How often do you need to have this treatment to maintain your appearance?

I have yet to see these answers in respected scientific publications.

I'll be ion the lookout for the next "big one" - The Frankenstein Facelift....

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Can Vampire Facelift get rid of wrinkles

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Thank you for your question about the Vampire facelift.  Vampire Facelift is a trademarked name for a procedure commonly known as PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) procedures.  Typically it is done by way of drawing the patient's blood, spinning it down in a centrifuge, drawing off the layer of Platelet Rich Plasma, then microneedling it into the skin.  The PRP can also be injected into areas of the skin, including the scalp....which helps with hair rejuvenation.  By using a patients own PRP you can get the benefits of their own growth factors which can stimulate collagen production.  This will decrease fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin texture and tone, minimize pores, even treat acne scarring and stretch marks.  When using the PRP (platelet rich plasma) microneedling technology for facial rejuvenation it is likely you would need 1-2 a year to achieve and maintain desired results.  For hair rejuvenation, scar treatment, stretch mark treatment, or treatment of melasma/pigment issues it will likely take multiple consecutive treaments.  

To be sure, see two or more experienced, licensed and board-certified providers in your area for a complete evaluation to make sure you are a good candidate and that it is safe for you to have treatment. I hope this helps.


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Yes, Vampire Facelift or Facial is using your own blood.   But we don't bite you in your neck to take your blood out.  We draw it out of your vein in your arm, like a normal blood draw.  We then spin it down and separate out the serum or plasma.   This golden serum has the nutrient and growth factors that helps to stimulate the skin when it is injected or microneedled into your skin. 

Erik Suh, MD
Bellevue Family Physician


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The procedure does help get reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles and crepe skin. 
Sheila Nazarian

drsheilanazarian on Instagram

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