Can Selphyl Be Used for Under Eyes (Hollowness) and As a Lip Filler?

I heard about this new filler, is it permanent? how long does it last? Any other info I would appreciate it.

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Selphyl is not a filler

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This is a big misconception. Selphyl is not an injectable filler. It is a system in which a small amount of the patient's blood is drawn, the platelet-rich plasma is extracted and then prepared for injection under the skin. The platelet-rich fibrin matrix creates collagenesis, and stimulates the protection of your own body's collagen which, in turn, adds new collagen deposits in the areas injected, such as under the eyes. It is not permanent but lasts between 12-15 months. It is not recommended to fill the lips as its efficacy in that area has not been demonstrated. One of the great advantages is that it is natural and taken from your body's own plasma so there are no allergic reactions. Because the result of treatments can take several weeks to become apparent, there is no reason that it cannot be combined with fillers or Botox for an excellent combination effect.

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