Will vaginal dryness, while on accutane, resolve post treatment?

Hello, I am a 26 year old female on her third month of accutane (20 mg). I am experiencing vaginal dryness... and am concerned about whether this will be a PERMANENT side effect. My question is will the level of moisture return I'm my vagina? I am concerned about how it will affect my sex life if it does not! If it is to return.. How quickly can I expect to go back to normal after discontinuing treatment? I hope to hear back soon. Thank you

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Everything will dry out!

It's true - absolutely everything dries out while on Accutane (isotretinoin)! Lips are the worst, dry eyes are common, and, yes, certainly vaginal dryness as well. Mucous membranes (eyes, vagina, lips) tend to be the most affected. There are rare reports of persistent dryness after isotrenoin, but I've never seen it in my Practice. Usually after 6 months of stopping this powerful medication, your tissue's hydration balance returns to normal.

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Vaginal dryness and Accutane

Most people do not experience vaginal dryness while on Accutane, especially at a low dosage like 20mg, but if you do, it will not be permanent and will resolve quickly after finishing your course of medication.

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