Can You Have Your Tooth Built Up with a Post and Core if You Dont Need a Root Canal ?

Can a dentist rebuild a tooth that is badly decayed and place a crown if the patient may not need a root canal ? Thanks so much for your time and helping patients like me on here , I appreciate it very much !

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Can you restore a badly decayed tooth without a root canal?

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Depending on the amount of damage on a tooth the dentist decides how to restore it. Rot canal is not always necessary  before a crown, but if a tooth needs a POST build up to "build UP enough tooth structure for it to hold a crown, then it WILL need root canal.

Also , it is best to have a root canal prior to the crown because if the tooth is badly damaged to a point that it needs a crown , there is a good chance that the tooth will become symptomatic and will  need root canal in future . in which case a perfectly good crown is ruined in order to get access. 


Orange County Dentist

Fixing a badly decay tooth

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A careful evaluation should be completed to determine whether in fact a root canal is necessary. Such tests as cold sensitivity and percussion sensitivity can help determine the health of the tooth. Sometimes if the tooth remains vital and there is enough tooth structure it can be repaired with a build up and crown. If it is determined that a post is necessary there has to be a root canal before placing a post. So many great alternatives today that it is worth exploring all of the options. Good Luck! Thank you for your kind words of appreciation! Bernice Szafarek DMD

Bernice Szafarek, DMD
Hartford Dentist

May not need Root Canal

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A badly decay tooth may not necessarily need a root canal if the decay has not entered the nerve of the tooth. The dentist should prepare the tooth for the type of restoration needed and at the same time remove all the decay. If a crown is the option, the dentist may opt to wait for a while during the temporary phase to see if any symptoms develop before making the final crown. 

Crown is possible with enough tooth structure

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It isn't necessary for a tooth to have root canal treatment before a crown is placed.  There are however, a few things to consider.  The crown should have at least 2 mm. of tooth structure to grip to or it might not last as long as you would like it to.  If the decay is very deep the tooth may end up needing a root canal treatment in time, so be sure to have the nerve tested before the crown is cemented in place.

Martin Frankel, DDS
Toronto Dentist

Post and Core Without Root Canal

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You CAN have your badly decayed tooth built up with a CORE prior to placing the crown, however, a POST can only be placed in a Root Canal treated tooth.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

Yes you can

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You can have a build up without a root canal but you cannot place a post without the root canal since the post has to be placed inside the root, thus the need for a root canal.

Aria Irvani, DDS
Irvine Dentist

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