Can Permanent Existing Crowns Be Matched?

I have had crowns on my two front teeth since I was quite young. They have been redone several times over the years. I had several adjacent teeth bonded, as I was having gum rescission. The bonding really lasts only a short time before it begins darkening. My question is, can veneers be matched to existing frontal crowns in an acceptable way? And, may I see before and after pics? I live in Southern California. Thank you

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Making an old smile look new

Wanting to match old crowns with new crowns can be done with the right ceramist.   However, what we have found that often the original crowns will dictate not only color,but shape and position of the teeth which for a cosmetic smile may not always be ideal.  So we often try to have the patient evaluate their entire smile before we try to match older crowns with possibly older materials and poorer esthetics compared to today's materials and techniques.  Long term you are better starting fresh with all new teeth at the same time it allows the size shape and color of your new smile be idealized 

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Replacing Existing Crowns and Matching Them to Adjacent Teeth and Crowns

Am I understanding correctly that you are happy with your crowns on your front two teeth?  Are they all porcelain crowns or porcelain fused to metal crowns.

If they are porcelain fused to metal crowns, then veneers placed on the adjacent teeth that have the old bonding will probably not match exactly.  Reason:  light goes through veneers and natural teeth much differently that porcelain fused to metal crowns.  However, they can certainly be done to better match the front two teeth than the composite bonding that continually darkens and needs replacement every few years.

My observation is that to get the best permanent match you might consider having the four front teeth all redone at the same time with the same type of porcelain.  The front two teeth (central incisors) could have all ceramic crowns and the teeth next to them (the lateral incisors) could have porcelain veneers.  Then everything should match well, and using the more modern techniques and materials, your restorations should give you years and years of service.

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Matching veneers to existing crowns

You can match veneers to crowns but you should first evaluate the cosmetics of the existing crowns.  Sometimes it is more ideal to redo the front four if you are not totally pleased with the color or shape of existing crowns.  In my office I use a botique dental lab for anterior crowns and veneers and they will come to my office when we deliver a case to custom stain veneers and/or crowns.  This is especially useful matching a patients natural teeth when only one or two teeth are being done. 


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Matching porcelain crowns can be a challenge

It is absolutely possible, and very common, to place veneers to match existing crowns.  However, it sometimes requires multiple visits or visits to the lab to get it "just right."  There are differences in materials and brands that affect appearance, and older materials often are off the market, adding to the challenge.  Depending on budget, goals, and desired level of "perfect" it is possible to veneer the adjacent teeth.

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