Upper Eyelid Swelling After Rhinoplasty

About 2 days after my rhinoplasty my upper eyelids started to swell. Now im 3 days and they are really swollen. I look like an alien. Should i be worried?

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Upper Eyelid Sweling after Rhinoplasty

With the eyelid skin being the thinnest in the body any swelling or bleeding under the Forehead, cheek or nose will be reflected in eyelid swelling. If you had your nose narrowed, you most likely had fractures placed along the nose/cheek junction. Swelling from this surgical injury is most likely the cause for your eyelid swelling.

Please note that the swelling should NOT be associated with pain, fever or chills. Such symptoms suggest an infection and should prompt an immediate visit to your surgeon or the ER.

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Upper Eyelid Swelling after Rhinoplasty

Do not be concerned! This will pass. As other posters have recommended, talk to your surgeon re activities, treatment, and your position when sleeping.

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Upper eyelid swelling after rhinoplasty

Contact the operating surgeon for his advise. But it seems to be a normal EARLY post operative occurrence. Remember we the posters have not seen you so our responses are very generalized NOT specific to your issue.


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Excessive Upper Eyelid Swelling After Rhinoplasty


Consult with your surgeon.   Sleep with your head elevated, ice, and swelling should resolve.  The swelling you are having is more common in patients who have packing in their nose (one of the reasons that I prefer not to use nasal packing after rhinoplasty).  Good luck and be well.

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Swollen eyelids after rhinoplasty

This is not uncommon, especially if the nasal bones were broken (osteotomy).  By tomorrow you may even get black eyes.

Keep head elevated, and ask your doctor about steroids and/or cool packs.

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Eyelid swelling after rhinoplasty.

This is normal and to be expected. It will go down quickly without doing anything. 

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