Upper Eyelid Swollen Just Around Stitches, Normal?

I had upper eyelid surgery 3 days ago. I haven't experienced a ton of swelling or bruising, but I am swollen right around my stitches to the point that I can hardly see them. They are also tingling a little. Is this ok? I am concerned.

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Some degree of swelling and tingling are typical following surgery. However, if you are particularly concerned, it’s best to ask your surgeon about this.

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Blepharoplasty inicison

At three days after your upper eyelid surgery it is completely normal and expected to have swelling around the stitches.  I would recommend you continue to follow the prescribed postoperative care that your surgeon detailed for you and I am sure that you will do great.

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Likely normal

This seems pretty normal for this early after surgery. The swelling will improve. Call your surgeon to relay these concerns. He/She may want to take the sutures out a bit earlier.

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What you are describing is most likely normal.

However, these are questions that your surgeon or your surgeon's staff should be addressing for you.  

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Normal healing

You are only 3 days post-op. Do not bother looking at your incisions or your "results" right now. Its too early. Its normal to have swelling around sutures, you just had surgery. Apply your opthalmic antibiotic ointment to your incisions, protect the eyes from direct sun light, keep your eyes moist and follow your surgeons post-operative instructions. The swelling will most likely subside quickly after the sutures are removed.


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