Swollen Lymph Node Post-op Normal?

I am 2 weeks out from my upper bleph and nasal labial and tear trough fat grafting. I completed my post op antibiotics and steroids. Ive healed well. I discovered a swollen lymph node on my left clavical. I have a post op appointment on Monday...cant see Pcp for 2 weeks. It came suddenly and is sore. I went to an urgent care to ensure it wasn't more...they confirmed it is a node and likely due to the surgery. Is this common after cosmetic surgery? I have only this one and no other symptoms.

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The surgery you have described does not have any anatomic connection to the lymph node near your clavicle.

Please see your primary care doctor with regards to your lymph node.

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No it is not really normal to have a swollen lymph node after surgery.

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I disagree with urgent care.  I think you need to be carefully assessed.  The place to start is with your surgeon.  He or she should examine you.  It could be that the lymph node is working to clear the area that under when surgery but this is uncommon.  It is also possible that the swollen lymph node is just coincidental to surgery and is cause by something less.  Please let your surgeon assess you and definitely keep your appointment with your PCP.  With any luck the lymph node will resolve before this visit.  If not, it should not be ignored and warrants further assessment by your personal physician.

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