What can be done for these 2 teeth? (photos)

As you can see I have 2 dark teeth up front, 1 is slanted. I was told by a Dentist about having a bridge, she quoted me £600, said it was £300 per tooth, does this mean 2 crowns and then 2 in the middle being false? But, I have a new Dentist now and she looked over the notes and said it can't be done, said about a crown on the front tooth but can't do much about the slanted one, she was basically negative about it all saying a bridge can't be done and so on. What do you suggest?

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Bridge , root canal, posts.

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there are 2 things here, if you do not mind the position of this 2 teeth, they do not have mobility, and they have no deep cavities, only they look grey due to a traumatism, they can be saved and you will have a strong restoration, with root canals, posts and crowns, you will have them back again, but if what you wan too is to correct the position, then you will need to perform extraction of the lateral, and perform a 3 unit bridge anchored form the cuspid, metal free bridge, this 2 options will depend on the teeth conditions, but yes, you have a solution.

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