Is the air trapped in my new dental crown's socket and gum area due to poor margins or setting of crown?

New crown on #14 molar seems bulky, poorly fitted. Contact point btwn #14 and #15 is set back, with more of a gap facing the inside of my mouth Air trapped up in what I think is socket of crowned tooth. Dentist: "no such thing as an air pocket" & "everything looks good, nothing more we can do for you." A constant air pressure in this area. It is sometimes painful & affects my speech. Should I demand another new crown? or file a complaint or grievance and get it done by another dentist?

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Poorly fitted crown

Dear kcmv: I am so sorry to hear that you are having problems with a brand-new crown, and even more sorry that you cannot come to terms with your dentist.  Unfortunately,  there is not much that you can do. If you are having a problem, then you are having a problem! and your dentist should address it.   If your dentist says that this is the best that he can do, then the only recourse And the best option you have is to find a new dentist.Since  you are looking to correct the situation, rather than going to another general dentist whose skill and knowledge might or might not be any better,  I recommend that you look up a prosthodontist in your area then go and get a second opinion from the expert in cosmetic restorative and Implant Dentistry.  Best of luck,

New York Prosthodontist

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