Is this ptosis or something else? Please name what it could be if it's not ptosis.

As you can see my right and left eye are different, what is it? whenever i take mirror images or flip the camera on photos you can barely notice it but i imagine this is what i do look like to other people as most images my eyes are like this. If this is ptosis is it mild or severe? Whats is the average price for this surgery? Im also looking to get LASIK done which one should i get first as i have heard thats its recommend to take more than 6 months between the both surgeries

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Asymmetric eyelids

Azu1,       It looks like from your pictures there may be some mild to moderate ptosis of the right eyelid.  This is something that can be treated surgically.  The cost for the surgery varies depending on region, and would also depend on the type of surgery needed (transconjunctival repair vs open).  A thorough exam with measurements and drops would be needed to accurately answer that question.  Also an in person consultation to evaluate for any other facial asymmetry would also be important.  Regarding the timing of surgery.  I would prioritize which is most important for you, but definitely recommend adequate recovery time between the surgeries, to prevent overexposing the cornea and poor healing.  You should consider consultation with both your plastic surgeon and lasik surgeon prior to getting either.  Good luck.

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Definitely a ptosis, but....

Ptosis simply means a low upper eyelid, which you clearly have. However, you will need to be examined carefully to determine the cause for this. The treatment will depend of the cause but as a general rule, for a ptosis of this degree, you are likely to need some form of surgery, most probably a levator advancement procedure. It would probably be advisable to get the LASIK  don first as he speculums use can quite often make the ptosis worse.The cost will most likely be £3-5K, depending on the surgeon and the hospital.

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