Had lip filler injected, brand called "Hyaldew" by "uBiosoft" however, now worried about the source!

The doctor injected this filler free of charge due to my long lasting lumps and so far it seems like it had evened my lips (waiting on swelling to go down). However, he used a brand I've never seen before called Hyaldew by uBiosoft and I have suddenly become very concerned about the source of the HA. Is it animal or synthetic? Does anybody know? I feel awkward asking the doctor now, especially because it was free of charge. Please advise!

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Is it relevant now?

You can submit your question to the manufacturer and they should respond to you with the composition of the filler. The question is whether it is relevant now? An animal protein may give a hypersensitivity reaction but often shortly after the injection and if you are fine now than the long term risk is difficult to predict and other factors play a role. I suggest not to worry too much about it if you have not had a reaction so far.

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