Invisalign is staining my teeth yellow?

I am 6 months into Invisalign. I'm very careful about cleaning my teeth and aligners. However the teeth with the attachments glued on are definite turning yellow. The teeth with no attachments are spotless. Can anyone tell me what I can do? Can I whiten them? When the treatment is over will whitening remove the yellow?

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Stained Teeth with Invisalign

The most common reason for staining while in Invisalign is due to inadequate cleaning of the teeth prior to placing the aligners back into the mouth.  Since you stated that you are brushing well, then this may not be the cause.  Another possibility could be that there are areas of excess attachment adhesive on the teeth.  This could create plaque accumulation and resultant staining.  The best thing to do is to express your concern with your orthodontist, therefore he or she can examen your teeth and determine the likely cause for the staining.  The good news is that most stains can be easily removed. 

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Invisalign is staining

If you are facing this problem then get in touch with your dentist may be there is problem your braces.

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