My Invisalign dentist has retired; what should I do?

I completed my treatment a year ago and now my teeth have started to shift . I wanted to contact the debris and aske for the last trays I returned so I can put them back on and he says there in storage . I have a small gap in my top two teeth . What should I do . I have been wearing the retainer all day and one of the trays I never returned .

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My name  is Dr. Ken Barton. I am both a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontists, and an Invisalign Elite Provider. I have offices in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and throughout New Jersey.I  have treated many transfer patients, who have  expressed the same problems in finding someone willing to take over their cases. That being said, my advice to you, is to visit the Invisalign web-site, and look for a well qualified Orthodontist willing to help. Good luck

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New Trays

You will need to find out from the doctor if you are still covered under your Invisalign treatment. You may even be able to contact the company directly to find out. If it has not been too long since the start of your treatment, you may be able to get additional aligner trays (expect an "office visit" fee to be added on to this). If not, you may need a new, shorter Invisalign treatment to re-straighten the teeth. 

Good luck!

Dr. Pam 

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