How hard will it be to remove capsules 1 year post explant and how much will this cost me here in the UK?

I have terrible breast pain, when I say this it's not that my breasts hurt to touch. They ache and feel bruised. My ribs ache and I still have pain and weakness in my arms. My implants had ruptured 4 years before I had them taken out last year. ( unbeknown to me at first and then found out whilst I was pregnant. I'm still not right and my pain is getting worse. I have seen ps who is not willing to remove capsules.i know this is because nhs won't help me! I really need them out!!!!!

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Implant removal

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Hello and thank you for your questions. If your surgeon can identify the plane where the capsule is located it should be possible to remove the capsule. There will be additional scar tissue that may need to be removed. 

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Theodore T. Nyame MD 

Harvard-Trained Plastic Surgeon

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