Will EMAX Veneers for my top 10 teeth be suitable for me? (photos)

Hello, I am currently weighing up the pros and cons of either getting EMAX veneers, Invisalign or incognito braces. Even though I have narrow arches and an overbite, I know this will not get better without surgery, and I am not considering surgery! So all I want is a more wider and straighter smile. Based on my pics, do you think 10 EMAX veneers on my top teeth will give me what I want? Thank you. 

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Combined treatment and procedure

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you need a combined treatment and procedure for cases like yours, you need  a complete smile and bite analysis, to be sure whats the best option for you, 
yes, you can have a great result with veneers or crowns, you will be able to change, shape, size and even color, you will have beautiful smile , but you need to consider the overbite, and the occlusion, root canals, gum contouring, and teeth shaping, to get the results you expect. 
but yes, there is a solution, always.

Veneers. crowns, orthodontics.

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Dear buzzly85:
The short answer to your question is an absolute NO!
The material, eMax, or not is absolutely insignificant.  The material is typically a choice that the doctor makes at the appropriate circumstances.  Your teeth are so out of position that any restorations will end up with a very compromised periodontal result.  You will have difficulties cleaning and maintaining your teeth and eventually cause irreparable damage.
Please do not waste your time on panaceas. 
Go and consult with an orthodontist and get your teeth into the proper position.
At that point, veneers might not even be needed.
Best of luck,

Orthodontics would be best for you #DrSoftTouch

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I would recommend orthodontics. Your teeth are so out of position that placing veneers before orthodontic treatment would not provide good results. See an orthodontist to get your teeth in the proper position first before considering veneers. I hope this helps.  Follow me on RealSelf for if you have more questions.

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