Decay under composite temporary veneers? (Photo)

I had some composite temporary veneers applied 2 weeks ago. They were turning sort of gray and they were removed today. Underneath, my teeth were almost completely black. My dentist said it was only on the surface since she was able to remove the black fairly easily. She said it was because my gums were bleeding when the composites were applied. How can I be sure it wasn't due to some other reason such as decay, or be that way with my final veneers? I don't want to continue until I know..

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Decay under temporary #veneers #DrSoftTouch

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Temporary veneers don't bond well to the teeth because they are designed to come off easily. This can allow bacteria to collect under the temporaries. When your permanent veneers are placed, the area will be cleaned and disinfected. Decay is a much slower process.  I hope this helps. Follow me for more questions and answers.

Decay takes more time

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This is common and truly a non issue.  Merely swiping hydrogen peroxide makes it disappear almost instantly and also disinfects the teeth.  Decay is a MUCH slower process, so unless decay was present and left behind, there is no problem here at all.  Hydrogen peroxide will fix nearly anything underneath the temps.

You have chromogenic bacteria that got underneath and died.  Sometimes there is a smell, but not always.  I see this routinely and nothing comes of it.

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