Can the ear be made to stick out more in specific areas?

Towards the top of my ear, it is firmly laying back towards my head, while the bottom stick out. If I were to get the bottom pinned back, I would barely have visible ears from the front. I think to balance my ears, they need to stick out more at the top. Wherever I see ear plastic surgery, pinning back is only mentioned. Would it be possible to get work dobe, making the ear stick out more at the top?

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Can the ear be made to stick out more in specific areas?

Thank you for your question and images. In short the answer is yes, but most people are seeking surgery to set their ears back rather than out. I would see a Specialist Plastic Surgeon for a personal consultation and discuss your options. 
Dr Guy Watts

Relaxation of ears


This is not a common request but technically doable !
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