Why didn't I have my attachments put on my first 2 sets?

I will be having my attachments and 3rd tray tomorrow. Is there any reason why I didn't have the attachments put on the first stage?

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Thank you for posting your question.  Attachments can be put on at any stage of the invisalign treatment. Sometimes the attachments are put on later to give the patient time to adjust to wearing the trays.  Once the attachments are added then it will be a little more difficult to remove them and put them on. If your use to the aligner then adding the attachment is another part that you have to gradually get use to.  Ask your dentist why they chose to put it on in the third tray.  Hope that helps.  Good Luck! 

Sequence of treatment

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There may be various reasons for this tyoe of sequencing. Often times an orthodontist will not put on attachments in the first 2-3 trays to allow the patients to get used to wearing the trays first. Once the attachments go on the teeth, it becomes slightly harder to remove the trays. Hopefully, by then the patients manual dexterity will have improved sufficiently to be able to put on/remove the trays without difficulty.

Chia-Hung Lin, DDS
New York Orthodontist

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