Getting fillings half way through Invisalign treatment.

I recently visited a dentist and it turns out I have 5 cavities that need filling. I intend to address this problem sooner rather than later, so waiting till after my invisalign treatment ends in November is out of the question. I've read that the fillings will result in the trays not fitting properly so will my teeth be rescanned and new trays be made? And how long is this likely to take? I'm worried that my teeth will shift back since I won't have trays that will fit while I wait for new ones.

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May need Mid course correction

It depends on where are the filings are located on the teeth and how big they are.  Please be sure to clean your teeth and aligners thoroughly and do not eat or drink anything other than water while your aligners in place.
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I would recommend consulting with your Invisalign provider before having you cavities filled.  Often times, minor cavities can be restored with little to no change to the fit of your Invisalign trays. However, in some cases it would be necessary to have new trays made after having your teeth restored.  Your orthodontist can evaluate your teeth and determine if you'll need to have your cavities filled before completing your Invisalign treatment. Good luck and I hope this helps. Follow me if you have more questions.

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Consult with your provider

Thanks for sending your question. I recommend to consult first with your orthodontist prior to addressing the fillings, please ask him to contact your other dentist as well who will be restoring the fillings for you. Often minor fillings can be restored without change to the fit of the aligners, especially if your treating dentist is already well familiar with the invisalign system. However at times it may make is necessary to have new aligners made to fit more accurately to your teeth. Please discuss all these with your provider who will evaluate the situation and guide you accordingly.All the best,

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