Non-surgical Way to Even out Lower Lip Scar Tissue?

I was involved in accident in October 2008. My lower lip was injured. Now my bottom lip is uneven due to scar tissue. I wanted to know, is there anything I can do to fix my lower lip other than having a surgery?

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Lower lip scar

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It is difficult to suggest things to you without knowing a bit more details. If the scar is flat and the lips if flat, then sometimes facial fillers can plump the lip up. If the scar is indented, then surgery would probably be indicated to improve the contour. If the muscle is separated from the accident, then surgery is indicated to align the muscle.

Soften and flatten the raised scars, fill and elevate the depressed areas

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Use of steroid injections may help areas of thick scarring.

Use of fillers may help augment depressed areas.

Other than that the non-surgical options are somewhat limited.

Lasers may help areas of increased redness or pigmentation but are not necessarily a good method to achieve evenness of the scar.

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