Uneven Eyes/slightly Crooked Nose is There Any Thing That Can Be Done to Correct It? (photo)

Hi im a 20 year old male I have uneven eyes ive always had a slightly crooked nose since birth but my eyes over the last 3 to 4 years have become really uneven, even in certain photos freinds have commented on my eyes. I got punched in the eye about 3 years ago I dont no whether that has caused it, but there has always been a slight difference there since birth but its got worse as ive been growing up.

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Asymmetrical nose

A fractured and asymmetrical nose is best treated with a rhinoplasty to remove any dorsal irregularities, osteotomies to straighten the nose bones, and a cartilage spreader graft on the concave side to balance the nose.  It is also important to address any deviated septum on the inside of the nose at the same time.  Slight asymmetries in the eyelids can be addressed as well, but don't expect perfection

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Look closely at the eyelids

Regarding the nose, standard techniques for rhinoplasty would help straighten it.  I suspect that you have an asymmetric face (the right side looks slightly longer than the left side) and this may account for orbital asymmetries.  However, you may have had an occult fracture of your eye socket or trauma to the muscle that pulls up the left eyelid.  I'd have someone not only versed in rhinoplasty but also orbital/eyelid surgery take a close look at things.  After thorough evaluation, it is likely that some improvements can be made. 

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