Teeth implant placing during pregnancy

I am pregnant in the 24 week now. i had a implant surgery 6 months ago. My doctor said that i will have implant the theeth placed after three months since the first surgery is done. But i got pregnant and due to my pregnancy in early stage i could'nt have it done. So is it still safe to do that now? Please advise me!

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Dental procedures during pregnancy

It is generally recommended to have any non-emergent dental procedures after pregnancy. Although as mentioned in the other comment, if the implant is already exposed and only requires an impression, then it may be ok to proceed. 

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Dental implant

Dear Andka, the best is ask to your doctor, but always is more safe with your pregnancy advance. I think with your weeks it's ok because depend of your implant position will be an easy impression and days after test the crown and if everything goes right, place the crown. It's a easy procedure.

Dental implants and pregnancy

Best to check with your OBYgen.  If your implants have healing caps on them and no further surgery is needed to use them, most often OBYgen are usually okay with this during 2nd trimester.  Everyone is different, find out what is involved to restore your implants and then run this by your physician. Do not do anything without checking with your physician first

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