Why does the roof of my mouth have a bump? Why are my tooth and gums still throbbing?

I just got the teeth part of my dental plants put on 3 days ago. I have 5 of them done and the one on top is still throbbing. It hurts terribly and there's now a bump on the same side of the roof of m mouth. Infection?

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Pain after implant crowns

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If I'm understanding you correctly it sounds like the actual crowns of the implants were placed and it's not post surgical pain that you're feeling. The three parts of a dental implant consist of body (the screw), abutment (the post that connects the crown to implant) and the crown ("the tooth part"). My suggestion is to have the restorative dentist and the surgeon evaluate for possible excess cement being caught underneath the gumline or perhaps one of the surrounding natural teeth is sensitive or maybe has some type of infection associated with it. You most definitely need to see your dentist for a proper evaluation and x-ray in order to determine the nature of your problem. I hope this helps.

Dental Implants Post Op

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I suggest you have a follow up visit with your dentist to evaluate the areas of surgery. Soreness is normal to some extent after surgery. If it lasts longer than 2 to 3 weeks, it is a possible indication that you may need additional treatment. Good luck!

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