2 surgery and now one side is caved in. Is a 3rd surgery too risky? Major regrets.

I had 2 rhinoplastys that I shouldn't have had. I thought my nose was too bulbous, so I had a finesse tip rhino in 2014. 6 months after my surgeon did a revision to remove a bump that had formed on the bridge ( it was only small). Since then it's been a disaster. I noticed a dent in the left side and so he put a temporary filler. Now the tip looks like it's caving in too on that one side. Can this be fixed? Is it too greater risk to have a 3rd surgery? It's been 17 months since my last operation.

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Better be careful

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Any experienced and reasonable rhinoplasty surgeon would feel badly seeing your front views before/after.... quite frankly, your 'before' pictures reveal a beautiful nose with lovely dorsal lines, proportions and tip aesthetics that anyone would be proud of as an 'after' photo

PLEASE be very careful in considering a revision...talk to MANY experienced rhinoplasty surgeons who take the time to perform a careful evaluation and a sober view of your candidate for further surgery

best of luck

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