I'm Wondering if You Can Actually Move Your Nose Back into Place Years After I Had a Broken Nose?

I get alot of headaches and I know some of them stem from my nose being broke when I was 17, and now I'm 36. I have been able, or so I think, to manipulate by hand, the nose bone back into place. I've already been to an ENT and he told me that I was just feeling air bubbles when pushing bone back over. He performed a deviated septum repair in 2006. I still get headaches and holding the bone back to its normal position helps ease some of pain. Please help!

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Nose surgery - previous break

At this point from your injury, I recommend an imaging study.  A CT scan of the facial bones AND sinuses would be ideal.  I also recommend a visit to an experience ENT surgeon with a specialty in endoscopy and sinus endoscopy.   The combination of your complaints warrants a further workup.  I am sure your bones are he,aled but if you are moving your nose, you are likely moving your cartilages and for whatever reason, it relieves some of your complaints.  A good internal and external exam requires an office visit.  Best wishes!!

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Repositioning broken nose, rhinoplasty

A displaced, deviated external nose caused by a previous fracture can be repositioned with the intent of improving nasal airflow and straightening the external nose.  I would suspect that the motion you aren't sensing and the bones is the nasal cartilages.  This long after a nasal fracture the bones would have become solid and would not be mobile.  Nasal pain is difficult to manage.  If the pain is caused by any structural abnormality, then surgery can reduce or eliminate the pain.  It would be necessary to examine your nose to better advise you regarding how much pain relief you could accomplish with correcting the fracture ie. straightening the nose.

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Fractured nose manipulation

 the only way to reset an old nasal fracture is to perform osteotomies to narrow and straighten and repair of the previous fracture. Facial headaches can come up from a variety of sources including sinus related problems a bone spur on the septum and facial neuralgias. A CAT scan of the sinuses may help delineate the sources of the headaches. Do not expect a rhinoplasty to improve the headaches

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Nasal fractures can still be repaired 20 years later

Nasal fractures can still be remedied 20 years after the injury. Unfortunately, headache or head pain is a very complicated problem and there is no guarantee that repairing your healed nasal injury will create any long-term improvement in your headaches. I hope this information is helpful.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

Stephen Weber, MD, FACS
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