Can This Type of Nostril Flaring Be Corrected? (photo)

my nose gradually goes wide going down (like in picture 1), i read that extracting skin from the inside bottom of the nostril will lead to a 'bowing pin' deformity (picture 2) due to the nose/nostril remaining wider directly above? is there a way of doing a reduction without this problem? maybe botox on the nasal sill or wedge extraction from the external sides? my nose is okay when my face is neutral, but just the slightest smile make the nose/nostrils very wide and hideous.

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Alarplasty can reduce nostril flaring

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An alarplasty procedure can certainly narrow the nostrils along with a small amount of nasal flare upon animation.  An alarplasty procedure can be performed as a stand alone procedure under local anesthesia.

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Flaring nostrils

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It would be preferable to see a picture.  It's actually 'bowling pin', just for the record. A Weir resection is the classic nostril reduction procedure.  Done correctly it will look natural.  'Bowling pins' are typically overdone.

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