Is my philtrum too long? Am I a candidate for Bullhorn Lift? (photo)

Dear Sirs, I am quite unsatisfied with the length of my philtrum. It gives a disharmony to my face and it does not fit into my face. I must admit that I used to have a much shorter philtrum - it seemed to have grown after rhinoplasty. Would you recommend a Bullhorn excision?
My philtrum is 1.6 cm and I think it might be too long. I consider a shorter philtrum to be more beautiful. Do you think (just from the picture) that my philtrum is longer than usual in young females? Please, don´t advice to go visit a surgeon- I would like to know if my philtrum is too long from an objective point of view. Thanks!

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Candidate for Lip Lift?

Usually I will determine the benefits of lip lifting based upon the measured length of the upper lip as well as its relation to the upper incisors when the lips are slightly parted. Lifting the lip up to simulate the effect of a lip lift is helpful as well. A consultation with a surgeon experienced with this procedure should help you to decide if it's for you.  Best of Luck  Dr Harrell

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