Shouldn't Tying off Only the Superficial Branch of the Temporal Artery Be Successful?

Can the superficial branch of the temporal artery (not the temporal artery itself) be tied off with silk thread near the temple area to correct it’s protruding appearance? It is not GCA. In GCA vascular care surgeons remove sections of the Superficial branch of the temporal artery and often do not reattach the the ends of the artery.

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Vein Treatment

This is a question for your Vascular surgeon and neurosurgeon.  Rarely do arteries bulge on the skin.  Most are well hidden under tissue.  Proceed with caution.

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Tying off an artery on the scalp?

The image you show here is not of an artery, rather this is a vein.  If you are considering cosmetic improvement of this vein, just one option here is viable and it is sclerotherapy. A phlebectomy could also be possible but not recommended.  Even sclerotherapy will carry some significant risks.

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Temporal artery

A thorough examination and history taking is necessary. If there is temporal arteritis, an excisional biopsy may be necessary. Cosmetic temporal artery surgery is rarely done. 

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Treatment of vessel on the scalp

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Rather than try to remove the vessel that you find bothersome, another option would be to disguise it with something lie Radiesse or Sculptra.  These fillers and volumizing agents can thicken the tissue in the area surrounding the vessel and make it much less noticeable without having to compromise any of the vascular supply to the area. Something to consider.

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Temporal Artery bulging

fillers such as radiesse or surgically removing the entire branch would be your best bets. tying it off wouldnt work.

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Tying off the temporal artery

Although there would be an initial improvement, this would not be a good long-term correction.  Arteries interconnect and the tied off artery would back fill leading to the same cosmetic irregularity.  Your better bet is to add some subcutaneous volume in the temples to make the artery less noticeable.

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