Blue Vein Above Lip - Removal Options?

Blue Vein Above Lip Whaat is Best Way to Get Rid of ?

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Blue vein above lip

not an easy question to answer without looking at pictures.  If  it is just a simple small vein which happens to run superficially above the lip, it may be addressed with possible excision, however pathologies such as hemangioma must be excluded first.   

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How do you treat a vein above the lip ? Buffalo Niagara NY

Thank you for posting your question.

A picture would have been very helpful in providing guidance.

Since a lot of different pathologies can cause what you are describing, there are many options of treatment and treatment depends on what it is exactly. 

I recommend an in person examination. 

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Vein Treatment

I would suggest either a VBeam by Candela or a 1064 Yag. Thank you for your question and good luck with everything.

Vivek Bansal, MD
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Treatment for vessel above lip

Unfortunately without  seeing you, or at least a good picture, it would be nearly impossible to determine the ideal treatment for your concern or condition.  It is best to have it evaluated prior to any treatment to determine what it is exactly.  If it is a vessel, we have had excellent results treating vessels with our Nd:YAG laser.

Good luck


Dr. Grant Stevens     

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Blue vein above lip

if it is indeed a vein microphlebectomy or laser therapy would probably be the safest options.  must rule out avascular malformations and hemangiomas prior to treatment.

Timothy Mountcastle, MD
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A vein above or on the lip, what laser or treatment to perform?

We would need to see at least a picture of this to make sure it is indeed a vein.  If so, we could perform a variety of treatments from laser to injection therapy.


Craig Crippen, MD
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Proper Evaluation A Must

It's important to properly evaluate the vein before treatment.  Without seeing a photo, it is difficult to assess, but bluish veins can be a venous lake, angioma, telangiectasia, as well as a dilated vein.  If it has been present for years, a venous malformation is also possible.  I would see a dermatologist who has experience in vascular lesions.

Treatment for these veins really depends on the size and depth of the blood vessels. Lasers are the best with the least amount of complication.   I generally treat these veins with either Pulsed Dye Laser or KTP (for smaller vessels), or Nd:Yag for larger vessels.  Bluishi vessels are usually larger caliber and respond best to Nd:Yag.   You will have some temporary bruising to the area that last about one week.  Several treatments may be necessary to completely remove the vessel.

While one can theorectically treat veins around the face with Sclerotherapy, I would seek someone with significant experience in sclerotherapy. The risk for serious complications including skin necrosis far outweighs the benefits, especially when there are much better alternatives.  I use sclerotherapy frequently on spider veins of the legs but lasers are much more elegant and safer on the face.  

Margaret Mann, MD
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Blue vein above lip--recommended treatment.

If indeed the visible vessel is a vein, then sclerotherapy (similar to what is done for spider veins of the leg) can be performed to eliminate it. The vessel will, of course, need to be accurately "hit" with a needle so that the sclerosant can be placed inside the vessel, which causes it to spasm and seal shut. You may have a bruise, or need more than one injection session to completely eliminate it, but an experienced doctor who does lots of vein injections will be able to give you advice about this.

Other vascular lesions may be treated with other means, so accurate diagnosis is important before giving definitive advice regarding recommended treatment. Laser treatment or surgical excision may be other treatment options in some situations.

Richard H. Tholen, MD, FACS
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Consult a board certified plastic surgeon for examination and diagnosis. This can not be diagnosed through the internet. Must rule out venous hemangioma

Samir Shureih, MD
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